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Education is the part of your life which is directed to personal development through study and practice. Our attention is directed on giving you knowledge and skills, necessary to the specialty you have chosen.

Highly qualificated teacher stuff of our college and individual support of every student guarantee success in learning. 

You all put before itself aims that wish to attain. And when arrive at a next result, in this moment triumph it is very important to share the gladness with surrounding people! We want to be together with you, be glad for you, be proud of Your successes and achievements!  

  • InEU Higher College is again in the lead!

     A successful educational institution is a pledge of solid knowledge and a promising future. A strong teaching staff, a high level of quality of knowledge, employment at the end of training and other items are taken into account when compiling the ranking of colleges in Kazakhstan, which is traditionally conducted by the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA).
     The study is based on such basic principles as transparency, objectivity, openness, credibility and the involvement of stakeholders.
     The rating is conducted in five areas: multidisciplinary, polytechnic, humanitarian-economic, medical and art, they take into account the profile and the list of training specialties.
     During the rating, the statistics provided by the colleges were used. The academic activities of colleges were assessed according to five indicators: the number of students, the quality of engineering and teaching staff, the availability of accreditation (the quality of the work of the VET organization), cooperation with employers and information support on the Internet.
     According to the rating of multi-profile colleges in 2019, the Higher College of the Innovative University of Eurasia took the first place. Our educational institution confirmed its brilliant result and again became the first, for the fifth time!
     The three leaders also included the Technological and Economic College of Almaty Technological University JSC (Almaty) and the North Kazakhstan Vocational Pedagogical College (Petropavlovsk).
     Heading the list of the best multidisciplinary colleges in the country, VKINEU is becoming an example for all other educational institutions not only in the city of Pavlodar, but throughout the country. The first place in the national ranking is a high achievement and the result of the work of the entire college staff. Congratulations to the administration, teaching staff, students of our school and their parents with this victory! We wish the entrants of 2019 success and the right choice of college, we hope that the Rating of the best colleges in Kazakhstan will help them in this choice!

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  • The action "Candle of memory"

      I did not participate in the war, but grief about her burns in me ...

      June 22, 2019, 78 years have passed since the start of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. This tragic date will forever remain in the memory of the citizens of our Fatherland. This date, when in 1941 the world was darkened by the shadow of a long and bloody war, has a great symbolic meaning for the peoples of the former USSR.
     In memory of those who died defending the country and its inhabitants, millions of people put lighted candles in the windows of their houses, at the memorials of the fallen, on mass graves.
     The action “Candle of Memory” was held on the territory of the Museum of Military Glory of our city. Its organizers were representatives of the search Maidan Zholy research team.

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  • Results of the field training

      From June 5 to June 28, 2019, five-day training sessions were organized and conducted for young men of the first year of the Higher College of the Innovative Eurasian University.

      Field training campuses provide students with the necessary knowledge of the regulatory framework, initial military training, the basics of military medical training, safe rescue operations, arouse interest in serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, familiar with the real problems facing conscripts.
     During the camps, children are taught the basics of combat in defense and offense, and also devote time to tactical training. There are in the program and physical training, educational and sports events, for example, disassembly and assembly of the machine. The guys comprehend military science in practice.

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  • Successful start, the selection committee!

     Profession is an important choice that every teenager needs to make from school. The pace of life is accelerating, there is a significant number of new specialties and activities. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a future profession, you should carefully learn everything about it. Vocational guidance of educational institutions of vocational education helps students in graduation classes.
     The staff of the Higher College of InEU began work on the formation of a new contingent of students almost from September 2018. VKINEU teachers became frequent guests at schools in the city and region: they held meetings with students, consulted parents and teachers of schools, spoke at pedagogical councils of secondary educational institutions, spent “Open Doors” days, distributed printed materials, tested future applicants.
     High rating of the institution, education in the state, Russian and English languages, availability of a system of benefits and incentives for students, budget places, a good material and technical base, a staff of highly qualified teachers, a convenient location in the city, student dynasties, and most importantly focused work - all this allowed VKINEU career counselors in the winter to form a potential composition of applicants in about 500 graduates.

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