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Education is the part of your life which is directed to personal development through study and practice. Our attention is directed on giving you knowledge and skills, necessary to the specialty you have chosen.

Highly qualificated teacher stuff of our college and individual support of every student guarantee success in learning. 

You all put before itself aims that wish to attain. And when arrive at a next result, in this moment triumph it is very important to share the gladness with surrounding people! We want to be together with you, be glad for you, be proud of Your successes and achievements!  

  • DECADES YOUNG TEACHER “I am proud of my profession!”

            In the Higher College of InEU, great attention is paid to working with the teaching staff, conditions are created for the development of the teacher’s personality, his creative potential, and raising his professional level. And the work of the school of young specialists is aimed at ensuring that the adaptation of beginning teachers is successful and they are actively involved in the educational process.
            The teaching staff of the InEU Higher College is a team of like-minded people. Teachers and masters of industrial training conduct open classes, extracurricular activities, master classes, showing the most varied forms of work, passing the baggage of their knowledge and skills to young teachers, which means that beginners have where and from whom to learn!

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  • WE INVITE ON IV International Scientific Practical Conference!

    Dear students of schools and college students!
    We invite you to the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Intellect of students and schoolchildren of the XXI century: the realization of opportunities and prospects."
    The conference opens with a plenary session, which will be held on May 17 at the address: Pavlodar, ul. Lomov, 45, assembly hall, from 9.00 to 9.45 hours. Registration of participants is from 8.00 to 9.00 hours.
     Looking forward to you!

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  • We remember

            May 9 is one of the brightest holidays of our people. It has been 74 years after the last shot of the Great Patriotic War died down. But every year on this day the children, grandchildren, and now the great-grandchildren of the winners celebrate the victory, thanks to which they have the opportunity to live and be free.
             From early morning on the main street of our city began to gather people who were united by one thing: on Victory Day they came to join the ranks of the immortal regiment and say with everyone: "I remember, I am proud"
             Among the participants of the march is the director of our college Tazhenov Sh.A., heads of departments, teachers and students. This year the flag of the immortal regiment was honored to be held by the teacher of our educational institution Magzumov N. T.
             The immortal regiment keeps the story and helps pass it on to descendants. Therefore, participation in the procession for us is not only honor, but also a duty: to the fallen and to those who will become the future of the country.

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  • Literary - musical composition "With whom we fought"?

      The month of May rages over the world again.
      Which time we celebrate Victory!
     But what our grandfathers did
     Remember, never forget!




                    This is the main leitmotif of the literary and musical composition, which was held in the assembly hall on May 8, 2019.
             Why is it important to answer the question that the organizers brought to the title of the event? Because at the present time in the West they are persistently promoting the idea: the war was unleashed by the USSR, all deaths are on the conscience of the country of the Soviets. And we, citizens of the former republics of the Soviet Union, should not forget the price of victory for our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, when the whole of Europe fought against one country. Factories, material resources, strategic raw materials - all this was in the hands of the fascist Reich. Many enterprises of European countries worked well until May 5, 1945, and all products went to the Eastern Front.

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