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Education is the part of your life which is directed to personal development through study and practice. Our attention is directed on giving you knowledge and skills, necessary to the specialty you have chosen.

Highly qualificated teacher stuff of our college and individual support of every student guarantee success in learning. 

You all put before itself aims that wish to attain. And when arrive at a next result, in this moment triumph it is very important to share the gladness with surrounding people! We want to be together with you, be glad for you, be proud of Your successes and achievements!  

  • Freshmen week.

    It is well known that one of the most important pedagogical tasks of any educational institution is to work with first-year students, aimed at fast and more successful adaptation to the new system of education, to the new system of social relations, to acknowledge to their new role of students. Student team is a big family, which is formed throughout the training. It is very important the freshman was accepted into this family as his own, it is important that he was surrounded by friends who can understand and support.

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  • Congratulations on your victory!

    For students, access to educational resources on the Internet provides basic and additional training material which necessary for successful study. Because of these resources, students have the opportunity quickly to get acquainted with the news of the education sector; learn about the ongoing competitions and contests. Participation in such competitions can become an essential incentive for students ' cognitive activity.

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  • Street Workout in our city.

    Nowadays the number of followers of workout movement is getting bigger and bigger.

    Workout-(Street, Ghetto workout) – it’s a street fitness trend, formed on the self- body weight exercises. The main emphasis of this exercise is made on strength development and endurance. The active use of an imagination in training allows creating new exercises and combinations, making every training unlike to another.

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  • Health festival

     Health- the most valuable thing humankind has. What is the value of health? Asking this question to every student, we can get different replies, however the majority of them agree that: the health gives the opportunity to obtain all possible life pleasures without negative consequences. Therefore, our students enjoy the opportunity to take this pleasure, participating in the traditional “health festival”, in comprehensive sport and mass event.

    This autumn sport event regularly took place in our college in the beginning of September and became a tradition. It’s a aim- engagement of students to regular physical activities and doing sport; increasing their level of physical preparation and sport skills.

    On the 8th of September was held an an

    nual “Health festival” with motto “Our main record-health”, with participation of freshmen of High Education college of INeU in the ski resort “Zelenaya Roscha”

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