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The code of honor of the student of College InEU

I am a student of College of Innovative Eurasian University, mindful of its responsibility for realization of the mission of the College in training highly qualified and ethical professionals in the country; it is our duty to maintain and develop the corporate culture of the student community, the preservation of the image of the InEU College as the leading institution of the education system and the centre of professional training of Kazakhstan, adopt this Code of honor of the student of College InEU and agree to follow it strictly.

Article 1. To comply with the current legislation of RK, Charter of the InEU, internal rules and other regulations of the College.

Article 2. Take care of the maintenance of high academic culture, atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in the student community. Seek to resolve any conflicts peacefully and prevent the use of violence against other students. Article 3. In good faith to take the training and all forms of control of knowledge is utterly unacceptable dishonesty, negligence and bad faith in the learning process.

 Article 4. To be polite in relations with faculty, staff, representatives of the College administration, to prevent familiarity turning to him and avoid the manifestations of rudeness and impropriety.

Article 5. To refrain from conduct that will harm the reputation of the student community or authority of the College.

Article 6. To refrain from all sorts of bad habits.

 Article 7. Take care of safety of property of the College and to prevent violations.

Article 8. Needs to look neat, appearance must conform to ethical standards and must not interfere with lessons, distract the attention of the students or teachers from the educational process.

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