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Ospanov Karim Ospanovich was born in steppe village in 1919. Early left without a mother, she died in the same year. Disease, cold and hunger for each other took away the life of elder brothers and sisters. Starvation in 1932 passed away his father. Karim and his older brother survived .
People were torn from their homes in search of bread and work. Many have moved to Siberian villages and cities. About two years wandering the Siberian edge brothers, until in 1934 they were not sent to Novokuznetsk orphanage, and then in 1936 - Pavlodar, in a newly created Kuzkommuna.
In the ranks of the red Army Kareem was drafted in November 1939. By the time he graduated from the pedagogical College and worked as a teacher of the Kazakh language in Karabalyk district of Kostanay region. The recruit began military service in Arkhangelsk. In the Finnish war young and untried soldier was immediately sent to the front. The task of the infantry regiment, where he served as Karim, was cleaning roads from snow blockages to the passage of military units and echelon.
In 1940 the regiment returned to Arkhangelsk for further service, and a year later the Great Patriotic war began. On August 12, 1941, after Hiking North Polk Karim joined the battle with the enemy. Ospanov was wounded. And after the hospital, in 1942, he participated in the liberation of Vyborg. For his courage he was awarded the order of "Patriotic war" of the second degree and the medal "For courage".
Karim Ospanovich was demobilized only in 1946 then married and graduated from Semipalatinsk pedagogical Institute in absentia. With his wife, Kazken he raised nine children, all of them received higher education.
More than 40 years he worked as a teacher in Chernoretskaya secondary school № 2, where he retired.
This is the life path of a man, a warrior, a father, a teacher who chose to live by the motto of his life: "To Live means to work". In the same spirit he brought up all his children. They chose different professions: engineers, lawyers, doctors, financiers. Two daughters, Marash and Gulbarshin, and Alma's granddaughter followed in the footsteps of father and grandfather. Karim Ospanovich has 18 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.
A large family of Karim is proud of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. For them, he is an example to follow. And the great victory day is a special day in the family. The veteran passed away, but he left his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will cherish the memory of his ancestor, Karim Ospanovitch Ospanov.
Guard Lieutenant Beksultanov Aidarkhan is of 1906 birthday. Native of Ulguli village, Irtysh district, Pavlodar region. The commander of the infantry company of the 67-th Guards rifle regiment, 22nd infantry division. Drafted into the Soviet Army on 15 July 1941 Irtysh RVC. Infantry division was formed in the city of Tomsk and took part in the battle of Moscow, participated in the battles of White, led the fighting in the Great Bow, under the village of Loknya, Smolensk, Riga, participated in the defeat of Courland group of Germans. Combat path of the division amounted to more than 2700 kilometers. Beksultanov Aidarkhan came to Latvia and was killed in action on 26 December 1944, freeing Soviet Baltic States from Nazi invaders. Buried in the 400 meters east to d. Hobbes of the Latvian SSR. Guards senior Lieutenant of Beksultanov Aidarkhan awarded: -order of the red Star (order of the 22nd infantry division No. 069 25 .11. 1944); -order of Patriotic War 2 degree (order at 19 guards case No. 03 of 10 .02.1945 year). In 2011, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the soldier visited his grave in Latvia, where a memorial plaque was installed.
Syzdykov Shamen (Amohamed) Syzdykovich was born on 12 Oct 1912. in Pavlodar region, Lebyazhye area, village Court. He lost his parents early. He studied at the medrese, where he mastered Arabic and Latin. In 1935 he served in the armed forces of the USSR.
Before the war, he worked as an inspector of State revenue in Lebyazhye district. When Nazi Germany attacked the USSR, he voluntarily filed an application and went to the front. In July 1941 he began his fighting way in the composition of 314 infantry division, defended Leningrad and there was his beginning as a soldier.
In 1942 he was sent to 618 a division of air defence, which was located near Moscow at the station Kuntsevo.
He was appointed commander of the settlement and anti-aircraft guns.
Participated in the liberation of Nevel, Velikie Luki, Polotsk, Poltava,in the battle of Kursk. In part 618 of the division air defense he took part in liberation of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and East Prussia. He ended the war in Prague.
He was awarded the Order of Glory II and III degree, two medals "for Courage", two medals "For military merit", medals "For the defense of Leningrad", "For the liberation of Warsaw", "For the capture of Koenigsberg."
He participated in the funeral of the heroes of the Soviet Union snipers Manshuk Mametova, Aliya Moldagulova and Colonel Abilhair Baymuldin.
After the war he worked at the construction site and as a cashier at the carpool.
Kanapin Baltabay, 1917, started fighting in August 1941. Finished in May 1945. He commanded a transport platoon. He was seriously wounded. For military merit was awarded the Order of Patriotic war II degree.
My father, Abylkasimov Shaiken, was born in a peasant family in 1918 in the village number 14 Karkaralinsky district of Karaganda region. Father's parents died in a tragic period for the whole country during the great famine. He was brought up in Spassky orphanage, at the age of 16 he went to the city of Akmolinsk to study for a joiner, and then graduated from Karaganda mining and industrial school. From August 1938 he worked as a driver of an electric locomotive in the mine № 18 trust "Karagandaugol".
In September 1939, his father was drafted into the red Army. He served in a separate building enclosure II of the red banner far Eastern army in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
After the treacherous attack of fascist Germany against our country the army, where he served as Abylkasimov S., was transferred from the Far East to the front of the Kaluga direction. My father participated in the battles on the Kalinin and Rzhev areas, in the battle of Moscow in the Central and Second Baltic fronts.
In 1942 Abylkasimov Sh. served as a scout in the separate reconnaissance company in the infantry division. In 1943 Abylkasimov Sh. served at the headquarters of 5-th separate tank corps under the command of major-General Sachno M. G., participated in the battles in the Smolensk area.
Extract from premium list:
"Petty officer Abylkasimov Sh. in fights with fascist aggressors have shown resilience and courage, skillfully, energetically led his squad, personal example inspired his men.
In the battle for the crossing of the river Vytebet and the village of Yagodnoe personally in the melee killed 10 fascists, his Department destroyed about 40 of the Nazis, captured 6 prisoners."
On behalf of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for exemplary performance of combat missions command at the front of the fight against the German invaders and the manifestation of valor and courage to award the commander of the machine gunners of the 2nd infantry battalion, foreman Abylkasimov Shaiken medal for bravery. (Order of the 5-th infantry brigade of the army. 8 August 1943 propulsion)»
These archival documents became public thanks to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin on the creation in 2015 of the archival Internet portal "Defenders of the Fatherland", which included data on each soldier of the great Patriotic war from all archives of the USSR.
The war ended for my father in Poland, in August 44th, he was seriously wounded, he was amputated his hand, it was the sixth wound.
Father actively participated in public and political life of the region was marked by numerous awards for combat and everyday work. These are medals" For courage"," For military merits"," For participation in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945"," For valorous work", order" Red star "and "World War II degree".

Honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan T. Sh. Abylkasimov
Serikbay Nurmagambetov - soldier of the great Patriotic war, defender of Stalingrad. On 27 Jan 1942. in the heavyweight battle for this city he destroyed two tanks in the battalion repulsed the attack of the enemy, but was badly wounded.
The he was in Military hospital in Sverdlovsk, amputation of one leg above the knee, in 1943, returning home with a disabled person.
For many years he worked in the trading system, a veteran of labor.
He died in 1980 at the age of 73.
He was awarded the medal "For courage" and other military and commemorative medals.

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