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It is well known that one of the most important pedagogical tasks of any educational institution is to work with first-year students, aimed at fast and more successful adaptation to the new system of education, to the new system of social relations, to acknowledge to their new role of students. Student team is a big family, which is formed throughout the training. It is very important the freshman was accepted into this family as his own, it is important that he was surrounded by friends who can understand and support.

For students, access to educational resources on the Internet provides basic and additional training material which necessary for successful study. Because of these resources, students have the opportunity quickly to get acquainted with the news of the education sector; learn about the ongoing competitions and contests. Participation in such competitions can become an essential incentive for students ' cognitive activity.

Nowadays the number of followers of workout movement is getting bigger and bigger.

Workout-(Street, Ghetto workout) – it’s a street fitness trend, formed on the self- body weight exercises. The main emphasis of this exercise is made on strength development and endurance. The active use of an imagination in training allows creating new exercises and combinations, making every training unlike to another.

 Health- the most valuable thing humankind has. What is the value of health? Asking this question to every student, we can get different replies, however the majority of them agree that: the health gives the opportunity to obtain all possible life pleasures without negative consequences. Therefore, our students enjoy the opportunity to take this pleasure, participating in the traditional “health festival”, in comprehensive sport and mass event.

This autumn sport event regularly took place in our college in the beginning of September and became a tradition. It’s a aim- engagement of students to regular physical activities and doing sport; increasing their level of physical preparation and sport skills.

On the 8th of September was held an an

nual “Health festival” with motto “Our main record-health”, with participation of freshmen of High Education college of INeU in the ski resort “Zelenaya Roscha”

Оn the 4th of September there was held the practical seminar for engineering-pedagogical staff on a theme “educational planning documentation ” in High college of INEU. The aim of the seminar - the acquaintance with educational planning documentation for new coming staff and young teachers. For all present there was given a statute “Compilation of educational-planning documentation” as an aid approved at the methodical council and recommendations provided.


First-year students of KinEU visited the event dedicated to the day of grapes and winemaking, which was held on August 26 in the City Park of culture. The event was organized by the regional Romanian-Moldovan cultural society "Bukovina", in the framework of the summer festival "We Live in a United family". During the visit, the students were presented with an entertainment program with competitions. First-year students studied the history of the creation of a sweet drink, joined the Romanian-Moldovan culture, and even tasted the actually cooked wine. According to the students, many historical facts related to this wonderful berry became known to them thanks to this event.

In the 2017-2018 academic year was held a regional competition "Best educational website" .The Aim of the competition is development of creative initiative of the teachers for the creation of websites, creation of conditions for the use and expansion of the scope of the Internet.

The competition was attended by educational institutions of Pavlodar region. Do not stay aside and our teaching staff of Higher Education College of Innovative University of Eurasia.

When evaluating sites commission adhere to the following criteria: the design of all pages, readability, convenience, availability of interesting information, the presence of forums, feedback.

During this year, the site reflected all the events, activities , innovations, successes of the College in the educational process.

The result of participation in the competition was a prize. The jury, evaluating the activities of the College, awarded the 2nd place to our site. In memory we received a gift-a hard drive.

From July 27 to August 4 in the ancient Iranian city of Hamadan was held the Asian Nations Cup blitz.

Men's and women's national teams of Kazakhstan returned from the tournament with 12 medals. Distinguished debutant of the Cup, international master, student of the higher College of InEU (FS-346 group) Denis Makhnev won two bronze medals in the classical and blitz chess competitions.

"For me it is a great experience, as the opponents were very strong. In the final round of the classic competition we played with the bronze medalists of the current Cup - the national team of China. I managed to snatch the victory, which allowed our team to reduce the opposition to a draw in the overall standings," Denis Makhnev shared his impressions.

The continental chess championship - the Asian Nations Cup - this year was attended by teams from 11 countries. In classical chess among men Kazakhstan took the fourth place, and the women's national team of our country - the fifth.


Pavlodar powerlifters returned from two national competitions-the championship of Kazakhstan in powerlifting and the Cup of Kazakhstan in bench press. In total, athletes brought back 25 medals and took the 1st place team.

After the qualifying competition, the coach highlighted the success of the young athlete, master of sports of Artem Sharapkin, student of College of InEU (group FS-217), which, thanks to the victory in the national championship, had the opportunity to speak at the World Championships in powerlifting in gear. In the weight category of Artem up to 83 kilograms in the world Championship is very much competition, among the favorites-the Americans and the Russians. "But we are going to go for the victory, because the indicators of Artem are growing," says A. Prokopenko.

We wish Artem winning the World Cup, which will be held 3-8 September in the city of Potchefstroom (South Africa). Good luck to you, !



5-23 August, the national youth team in biathlon of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducts regular training sessions in the Estonian town Otepää. The team includes the strongest athletes of Karaganda, Ridder, Pavlodar. In the program of training camps – shooting, General physical and special training. The team is preparing for the upcoming season, participation in the biathlon world Championship. The team of Kazakhstan includes master of sports in biathlon Kurkina Ulyana, a student of the higher College of InEU (FS-217 group).

We wish our youth team good results in the upcoming season!



In Almaty was held the championship of Kazakhstan in athletics. The competition was attended by representatives of all regions of Kazakhstan.

In the national team of Pavlodar region there was a student of the College of specialty "Physical culture and sport" Eremeevskaya Tatiana. In the age category, Tatiana had about 200 competitors in the disciplines of 100, 200 meters and in the relay.

Congratulations to the team of athletes of Pavlodar, which took the fifth team place! Tatiana took the 3rd place in the relay of 100/200/300/400 meters in the team competition. Good, Tatiana!


Teacher of physical education A. G. Batalova

In Pavlodar, the annual XVII international tournament "Irtysh dawns" on sports acrobatics and jumping on the acrobatic track was completed. This tournament was attended by athletes from Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. 350 acrobats of different ages demonstrated their programs in five types: women's, men's, as well as mixed couples, women's group and men's four. Congratulations to the students of our College, Nemerenco Dmitry, a student of group FS 316, the master of sports of International class, took 1st place in the tournament, and Baltabayev Diaz, student of group FS 217, candidate in masters of sport and his partner Syzdykova Zhanerke with a bronze award! Good job!



In Karaganda ended 3 round of the Championship of Kazakhstan among football centers and academies (2001) as part of the team of Pavlodar region were students of our College. Congratulations Cherba Gleb, Nuralinov Amir, Kazarinov Daniel (group FS 217), Andrey Bayramov (group FS 346) with the victory: the team after all League matches scored 24 points and is on fourth place in the medal standings!

The results of the meetings of the 3rd round:

"Irtysh" - "Zhetysu" (Taldykorgan) - the result of the match 3:0

"Irtysh" - "Akzhaiyk" (Uralsk) is the result of the match 2: 0

"Irtysh" - "Shakhtar" (Karaganda) - result of the meeting 2:1

The next round will be held 16-21 July, in the city of Pavlodar. We wish our guys victory in the upcoming meetings!

The work of the Selection Committee of Higher InEU College lasts nine days. The intense working days were preceded by the Grand opening, which took place on June 20. On that day, all members of the Commission were looking forward to working. After a short opening ceremony, the technical secretaries were briefed. Especially worried were those who are responsible for the first time for this important area of work: to be the Secretary of the Selection Committee is a responsible thing.

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